In continuation of my best of beauty “series”  I’ll be sharing with you beauties my favorite skincare products of 2017.  Some of these products are new releases, others I’ve just tried for the first time in 2017. There is a make up version of this post as well which I will link at the end of this post.
1. Loreal Pure clay mask- loreal came out with 3 of these masks and I love all 3 but if I had to choose a favorite, this detox and brighten mask would be it. This mask gives my skin a deep clean leaving it feeling refreshed and looking  radiant. I’m so obsessed with this mask, I sometimes sleep with it on. I use this at least once and a maximum of 3 times for the week.  Click here to purchase
2. Loreal Pure clay cleanser- these pure clay cleansers which I think are like the pure clay mask in the form of the cleanser as they provide the same benefits as the mask. Again I tried all 3 and I did a first impressions video of these cleansers ( watch here). Of the 3 cleansers the detox and brighten is my favorite especially in the summer because not only does it leave my skin feeling clean and looking refreshed,  it has a mattifying effect on the skin; even more mattifying than the actual mattifying cleanser.   I’m currently using the exfoliating cleanser quite alot as my skin tends to go from oily to combination in the winter months and as a result my T zone and around my mouth tends to be very dry. I like using this exfoliating cleanser to get rid of any dead skin. Click here to purchase
3. Freeman beauty tea tree mask- the next product I fell in love with is this freeman beauty tea tree and manuka honey oil cleanser and mask. This is a 2 in 1 cleanser and mask which I think is a great value as this costs less than $6, I believe it was 4 or 5.99. I’m obsessed with anything that has tea tree oil in it as tea tree oil is amazing for acne prone skin.  This mask is apart of my blemish treatment routine and helps to dry out pimples and soften the skin. Click here to purchase
4. Global beauty care gel masks- I initially bought the travel size cucumber mask as I never tried a gel mask before, I fell in love with the cucumber mask and went back to buy the larger jar but this pore minimizing mask caught my attention instead so I ended up purchasing it. I love that it comes with a spatula so you don’t have to put your finger in the jar, the spatula makes it easier especially if you have long nails. When I first tried this mask, I washed it off and looked at myself in the mirror all i could say was wow. This made such a significant difference on my pores so I really liked that, definitely a keeper. Click here to purchase
5. The body shop body butter- My face is super oily but the rest of my body is very dry, even more so in the winter months. I usually use the nivea coca butter which is amazing but I decided to give these body shop body butters a try, (I started with the the 1.69 oz trial size ones)  so I can see which ones I like. I tried the argan oil (loved it), as well as  the coconut, shea and moringa scents. May favorite is the coconut, it smells like tropical goodness. The argan oil smells great as well, the shea is great if you’re not a fan of scents as this has a very quiet smell. The moringa  is giving me spring vibes. These are all creamy and very moisturizing but my favorite is the coconut hence the reason I purchased this larger jar. Click here to purchase
6. The body shop body milk- these body milks are so light weight and moisturizing, perfect for use in the summer when you want your skin to be moisturized without feeling greasy. Again the coconut scent is my fav so I’ll definitely be purchasing a larger bottle. Click here to purchase
7. The body shop tea tree mattifying moisturizer : It’s no secret that  I am obsessed with tea tree oil, it’s really great for acne prone skin and the body shop has a tea tree oil line with some great skin care products. Before using tea tree oil or products containing tea tree oil,  I recommend doing a patch test on your skin like on the back of your wrist to see if your skin has a reaction to the product before using it , because tea tree oil is quite strong. This moisturizer is a life saver during the summer, It is literally the definition of matte and the fact that it has tea tree oil is great for me as it helps to control my blemishes as I tend to break out a lot during the summer months. Click here to purchase
8. The body shop tee tree oil: Can we just call this a magic potion already? I’ve used tee tree oil in its purest form but I prefer this one from the body shop as it is already diluted so it saves me some work . If I’m breaking out I like to just put this directly on the pimple and depending on how inflamed that pimple is, it can disappear in 3 days or overnight. I sometimes like to use this as a toner as well. I tend to do that most in the summer months, (That’s a critical season for my skin). Click here to purchase
9. Soft soap body wash coconut island quech:- This is literally my favorite summer body wash. Not only am I obsessed with the scent. it’s very moisturizing and feels amazing on the skin. I’m usually a fan of dove body washes, but this one is winning me over. Click here to purchase
10. Garnier whole blends nourshing mask: OK so I know this post is about skincare, but I thought I’d mention the one hair product I fell in love with last year. This Nourishing mask I like to use as a moisture treatment for my hair. Forget about the incredible smell, this stuff leaves my hair feeling so soft. Each time I use it, I remember why I love it. Click here to purchase
This concludes my best of beauty 2017 series guys. Be sure to check out the make up edition of this post (read here) , there are also videos on my Youtube channel, so be sure to check those out.


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