Hey guys! if you plan on buying someone in your life a perfume set for the holiday,  take a look at a few of my favorites before you shop. I’m very picky on a lot of things but I’m even more picky when it comes to choosing my perfumes. There are some days I grab a body spray and carry on with my day. I love the “Amber Romance” scent from Victoria’s Secret. There are other times, I need a long lasting, not too overpowering, smell me a half mile away perfume. I have a hard time finding one’s that I really love. Here’s a quick list of my all time favorites.

1. Michael Kors Very Hollywood – This is my first and may be my only fragrance from Michael Kors, I am HOOKED! The scent is very light and refreshing, kind of like the kiss of spring.

2. Ralph Lauren Romance  -I was in awe the first time I tried this fragrance in the store and I was in love. I didn’t buy it immediately because a girl’s gotta get her priorities together but you better believe I was going back to get it and I clearly did. This scent is incredibly long lasting and smells SOOO good.

3. LANCOME La Vie Est Belle This fragrance is a new favorite of mine which I mentioned in a recent video ( linked at the end of this post) I initially wanted to get myself a  full sized bottle as a Christmas gift for myself, but after looking at my current  perfume collection I realized that adding another full sized bottle would be a bit much  (I’m addicted, I know) so I got the travel sized set which came with the perfume, lotion and shower gel (I got myself some other goodies for Christmas coming in a future post). This smells DIVINE guys. It has a girly, flirty, sexy smell. This is something perfect for a date night or special occasion.

My favorite of all times is J’adore By Christian Dior . I’m so in love and so speechless when it comes to this scent. Breath taking is the best way to describe it. Absolute perfection!

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