The holiday season can be lots of fun, but it can get super stressful if you have a lot of gifts to buy. Whenever I make my Christmas list, that’s the time I truly realize how big my family really is. Over the years of buying gifts, I’ve learned how to get great gifts at a low cost and even get some money back in the process! How cool is that? Anyway, I thought I’d share my top 4 tips on shopping for great gifts without the heavy price tag.

  1. Make a list of all people you have to buy gifts for and at least 2 gift ideas for each person. If one gift idea is too expensive, you aren’t able to get it in time or what ever the case may be, at least you have idea number 2 which will hopefully work for you.
  2. Make a budget and stick to it  Maybe the maximum you want to spend on gifts this year is $500. Making a budget will help to give you an idea of what gifts you can afford.
  3. Shop black Friday! I buy almost all gifts on black Friday; every store has an amazing sale on that day so why not take advantage of that? Black Friday is around the corner, and like you, I search for the best deals. I’m never usually in a store on black Friday as you pretty much get the same deals on the internet except on big ticket items such as televisions and other electronics.
  4. Compare prices from each store- If an item you want to buy is sold by multiple stores, compare prices at each store and of course go with the cheapest one.
  5. Use a prepaid or gift card- Tip # 5 is to use a gift card and this tip can help you stay within budget and protect you as well. Lets say your budget for gifts is $ 500, you can put  the $500 on a prepaid or gift card and that will be the amount of money you have to spend vs like your credit or debit card where you keep swiping and not realizing that you’re going over budget. Using a gift card is also helpful if you’re like me and you like to do your black Friday shopping online. Then having a gift card will help protect you from identity theft. Unfortunately during the holidays especially on black Friday and cyber Monday we have some special people who like to help themselves to other people’s credit card information. So using a prepaid or gift card will definitely help you out.
  6. Use sites like Ebates! Ebates is a really cool site that gives you cash back when you shop at your favorite store through their site, and if you don’t like shopping online, no worries, there are instore offers as well! It is very easy and free to sign up and they have hundreds of stores listed with amazing discounts. You can choose to shop online or take advantage of their in store offers. Along with retail stores, they also offer you cash back on travel arrangements made through their site. The travel agents they feature include, Expedia, Orbitz, as well as a few airlines. The cash you earn is placed in your Ebates account, and then you receive a check with your cash back every 3 months. It’s free to sign up, and super easy to use. They’re also offering a $10 Walmart gift card for signing up or $10 in your Ebates account after your first purchase of $25 or more within the first 90 days of signing up. Click the link below to start saving.
  7. Like Ebates, you can earn cash back through a site called Swagbucks. This site offers a little more than Ebates does. In addition to cash back from shopping at your favorite stores, you can earn money by taking surveys, signing up to retrieve your credit score and more! The way this works is you earn swag bucks for different activities. Once you’ve collected a certain number of Swagbucks, you may redeem them through gift cards to stores like Target, or simply receive a visa gift card. Sign up for your account here:
  8.  Gift to you – My final tip is not really a tip but just a reminder to get yourself a gift. When making your list include yourself, you’ve worked hard all year and you definitely deserve a treat. I recently received an issue of People magazine en español and they had a few perfume samples in here and I fell in love with this one by Lancome-  La Vie Est Belle  so I think I wanna get this for myself this Christmas. I’ll be posting some gift guides here on the blog so be sure to look out for those.
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    Those are my top tips to shopping for the holidays you guys , if you have any other tips leave them in the comments below, you may help me or someone else out.
    Happy holidays!