Holy chickens! You guys I’m so excited! If you’ve seen my “favorite facial masks” blog post then you know how much I LOOOOVVVEEE LOreal’s clay masks. And now they came out with a facial cleanser to each mask! Lord my heart can’t take it! So when I found out about these cleansers I had to buy them immediately. And by immediately I mean less than 2 minutes after I found out, I did a google search and Walmart had them for the lowest price $5.88. I couldn’t wait for them to be shipped so I picked them up in store instead. I’ll have a first impressions video of each of these cleansers on my YouTube channel ( reallifewithamandaTV) and I’ll link it below as well. But first here are my thoughts on each cleanser.

Mattify and purify cleanser : This cleanser is super gentle, feeling almost like butter on your skin. So incredibly soft and creamy. Oh and let me say this, each cleanser cost me $5.88 from Walmart and you get 4.4 ounces of product. You read that right, 4.4 ounces! I did not expect that much product based on the cost. I actually expected around 2 ounces of product, so I was pleasantly surprised there.

Exfoliate and refine cleanser: The exfoliating cleanser was still gentle with very little exfoliating beads  in the product. Something definitely suitable for daily use. I think LOreal took alot of care and time making this product especially since it’s recommended we only exfoliate 2-3 times per week. So to formulate a cleanser that can get the job done daily, is truly remarkable.

Detox and brighten cleanser:- Now see you guys already noticed I said that the first 2 cleansers were gentle, and I never thought it would get any better than that. But please understand me when I say they have nothing on this bad boy. The detox and brighten cleanser has reached a new level of gentle and I had some trouble picking my jaw up off the floor because again, these cleansers are $5.88, I’ve seen places selling them for $6.99,so you’re paying between $6 and $7 for a product that can stand up to high end brands. On top of being gentle, this cleanser is an Oily girl’s dream! It snatched the oil from my face and left my skin looking and feeling matte but not dry. Now the purify and mattifying cleanser does this as well but I think the detox and brighten does it so much better, this definitely will be my go to cleanser during the summer season.

Favorites: My favorite, in case you haven’t already guessed is definitely the detox and brighten cleanser hands down. I can’t rave enough about this product, SO SO good! My second favorite is of course the purify and mattifying cleanser. I would reach for this in the winter months when I don’t need as much oil control. It does mattify the skin but I think the detox and brighten would do a much better job during the summer months. Then there’s the exfoliating cleanser that I can confidently say has to be one of the best gentle exfoliating cleansers on the market. Don’t believe me? Try it!

Skin Types: I would recommend these cleansers for people with combination to oily skin and maybe even normal. Some one with dry skin I don’t thinks would benefit much from these as they are clay cleansers and clays are meant to absorb oils from your skin and these cleansers, especially the detox and brighten are very mattifying.
These are my overall thoughts on each cleanser guys, I hope this helped you if you were interested in trying the cleansers. If you’ve already tried them, please feel free to leave a comment telling me which one you tried and what you loved most about the product. Don’t forget to check out my first impressions video on these cleansers.  Until next time, peace and blessings.
First Impressions Video