Hi guys! I hope you all are having an amazing day. I first want to extend my heartfelt condolences and prayers to all victims of hurricane Harvey Katia and Irma. Having lived through a few hurricanes myself in Jamaica, I know the loss can be tragic whether it’s loss of life or property. You are all in my prayers. If you aren’t a victim of the hurricane but you want to help in some way, you can donate monetarily if you can, I know Walgreens and tons of other retailers have the option to donate at checkout. If you live in or close to areas that have been affected, a helping hand is always appreciated.

The struggle has been real!

A few weeks ago I shared my trip to Philadelphia which was sort of a break for me, from work, New York and blogging. I was excited to come back and begin blogging again and of course continue growing my new baby, my you tube channel. If you haven’t visited the channel as yet then you definitely should. I got back into the swing of things first with my review of the Maybelline fit me loose powder blog post and video (if you haven’t seen that yet then what are you waiting for). I thought I was ready to get right back into the swing of things and that adding You Tube would be super easy. Man was I wrong, I got a huge reality check, it wasn’t as simple as I thought it was going to be and that’s why I seem to be MIA. The truth is i’m taking a different approach to things. I wasn’t aware of the time it would take to integrate You Tube into my life. It’s quite different for me actually. I have a fulltime job, managing the household then you add blogging and you tube into the mix and yeah it gets overwhelming. Youtube and blogging are my hobbies of course, but I want to be consistent with it. I miss blogging and sharing stuff on the blog, whenever I’m not blogging or filming a video I get frustrated. Like why am I not blogging about this or that? Why am I not filming, or editing?, taking photos. I literally want to scream at times to be honest. I’m usually never this “vulnerable” or open but its 3:56am as I’m writing this post so I’m in my feelings lol. I feel I owe everyone who visits this blog daily/ weekly and not see a new post from me an explanation or at least an insight as to what is going on. I’m not the biggest blogger and definitely not as small as I was a few months ago when I just started. But even if I have one reader, I still want to let that person know why there hasn’t been a new post up in weeks.
Youtube was something I saw myself doing about a year after I started my blog, but there were just so many things I blogged about that I feel a lot of persons would appreciate in video form (some folks like to read, others love watching videos).
So yeah, integrating my Youtube channel into my already busy life hasn’t been as easy as I thought it would be and I definitely underestimated the effort it would take to balance the two. So I have taken a different approach and I’m working on a new strategy that I hope will allow me to be consistent, make myself and you guys happy. Okay it’s 4:01am now, I think I’m done ranting. I’m done putting my plan together, I’m gonna try it and see if that helps things become a lot smoother and more consistent around here. Thank you so much for your continued support!