Hey beauties,

I never really touch on “controversial” topics or anything that’s trending or anything like that. I usually mind my own business and I try to remain positive on this blog. #positivevibesonly. But the other day, I was scrolling down my Facebook feed, minding my own business per usual when I saw the most ridiculous thing ever! and that was the wiggly brow, squiggly brow, wavy brow I don’t know, I just know it looks ridiculous and is a trend that needs to die before anyone else decides to give it life.
After I worked so hard to perfectly arch my brows, I should now outline them with a wavy pattern!? GOODBYE! I’m not about that life no mam!. This trend came to my attention just shortly after I was in my kitchen doing the dishes and thinking to myself that makeup has now become more like a science rather than an art. “Research has shown that if you set your makeup with translucent powder, your make up will last longer” or ” if you contour your face it will give you a more snatched/ slimming look” lol, those were the “scientific” theories  that were floating around in my mind. So I began to wonder after all these discoveries, what else can they possibly come up with? Well I guess they showed me! They came up with wiggly brows child! I can’t type any of this without laughing. Please forgive me if you see a spelling or grammar error my eyes were closed half the time. But seriously guys what do you think about this? What gets me is that the people aren’t even being honest, because word on the street is some of these photos you see on Instagram are Photoshopped and some people are not actually doing this to their brows in real life. Now if you’re boo boo the fool and you like to follow every trend that hits all in the name of being “cool” then you probably have shaved your brows to try the nonsense. There are some people who have super thin brows and do the wavy outline around their brows but there are others who do the plain old Photoshop. Here are some photos of the nonsense and my commentary.
DISCLAIMER –I snagged a few photos I saw on my Facebook and Instagram, these photos are not my own and are simply for my general amusement. I’ll crop as much of the photo as I can so as to not put the persons identity out there as I really don’t want to offend anyone.
As a child I loved a story book called “the three billy goats gruff”, I mean if she was going for this look, she nailed it.
So why just stop at the brows? let’s just do the nose and mouth as well. This is an example of a photo shopped image by the way.
Now if you want to be creative with your brows since some people may still contend that “make up is art”, I think this is cute, acceptable and somewhat makes sense.
 So what do you guys think about this trend try? OR bye! ? You know where I stand.