Hey loves so I took a week … or two away as I needed a break from my NYC life. Life in New York can be amazing but the everyday commute to work, home, getting errands done can take a toll on you sometimes. So I decided to skip the fast paced life for a little and wander off to another state for a bit. My boyfriend and I ended up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for a short mini vacation which was a great break but it wasn’t one without hiccups. My general assessment of Philadelphia was that its a city with a lot of US history there. So many museums, the liberty bell, George Washington’s statue, the Rocky steps from the Rocky movie, they’ve preserved many of the buildings there as well. I’ll post a few photos below. You may be wondering what my “hiccups” were in this trip, and not to worry there’s an entire “storytime” video on my YouTube channel, which I’ve included in this post as well.


George Washington’s Statue

The Liberty Bell

Engravements in front of the GW statue