Some Exciting News!

A journey of what felt like a thousand years came with ALOT of set backs that were designed to throw me off track; but I did it you guys I finally GRADUATED!. I attended Monroe College in pursuit of my Bachelors of Business Administration degree in Hospitality management with concentrations in Hotel and Restaurant management. I was filled with so many emotions that day because I faced some TOUGH and I mean TOUGH obstacles in my journey. It’s not the exactly easy being a full time student and working full time as well in order to pay for school on my own (and that was easy compared to everything else I had to deal with). I owe all honor and glory to God for being with me through it all even in moments I thought I’d never make it but through faith and constant prayer I did. Wanna know what else made me happy? I was able to graduate with my boyfriend as well. He started working on his Associates degree in Criminal Justice about 2 years into our relationship. I’m so happy that chapter of my life has ended and I’m excited for the future.

In other news, my mom celebrated her 50th birthday on June 12th,( she doesn’t look a day over 20 lol)  but she had a party on Sunday June 11th.
South west Chicken with Rice & Peas and steamed veggies @daffodilsinternationalcusine
 Tilapia  Fish w/ Rice & Peas and steamed veggies @daffodilsinternationalcusine
We celebrated her milestone at a restaurant in Long Island owned by my cousin and her husband. I’m a foodie people, seriously ( Hence my field of study). I was absolutely blown away by the food served at the party, this is seriously my UNBIASED opinion. I had the Southwest chicken which was the perfect balance between sweet and spicy. If you’re ever in Long island you need to visit Daffodils International Cuisine you won’t be disappointed.
That was all I had to share with you guys, I think? Ahhh yeah I’m done chatting. Hope you guys are having an amazing week and are staying a lot cooler than we are here in NY, its SOOOO hot! Excuse me while I melt!

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