Hey everyone,

So, a few months ago, I believe in December, I shared with you some products that are great for dry skin (My body is extremely dry and on my face, I get super oily with the exception of my T zone and the sides of my nose). Those products I think are best for the winter season. During the winter months, it gets really cold and cold air sucks moisture out of your already dry skin so you really need products that are going to help combat that. In the summer, I still do the same things in terms of skin care, however I change a few products, so I thought I’d share them with you all.


I still enjoy using Dove’s body wash. However, I’ve recently discovered this Softsoap Moisturizing Coconut Island Quench Body Wash    that I’m going to try this summer. It has an amazing smell which I think is perfect for summer. It gives that island vibe which I really love.


Jergens daily moisture – I live for my Nivea coca butter lotion during the winter months, but I find it a little too heavy to use in the summer. I opt for the Jergens Daily Moisture instead, its light and hydrating, doesn’t leave your skin feeling too greasy so this is my go- to summer lotion.


Exfoliate – Exfoliating is still important during the summer months as it is in winter. I shared an exfoliating body scrub by Obey Your Body which I still use. However, a less expensive body scrub that I’ve tried and loved. It’s the Tree Hut Moroccan Rose Shea Sugar Scrub  . It gets the job done and has a very nice smell as well.


Blistex- I’m still rocking with my Blistex Medicated Lip Balm guys. Blistex not only moisturizes your lips and keeps them soft, it also has SPF which is needed to protect your lips.


Lip exfoliator – Exfoliating your lips is still very important in the summer. If you wear lipstick, exfoliating prior to applying your lipstick will give you a smoother and flawless application. Baking soda and water works as a homemade lip exfoliator or you can try this one by e.l.f.  which works just as great. After you’ve exfoliated your lips, don’t forget to moisturize!

These are a few body products I find beneficial to dry skin in summer, what products do you use?

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