Week in review + vlogging?


I feel like a fish out of water you guys. I’ve literally been all over the place last week trying to get a million things done. Last night was the night I decided that I’ve finally had it and I was just going to sleep. Put  the phone away, the computer, TV, everything and just sleep. So that’s what I did and I’m feeling a bit better now.

Another thing that had me out of my element this week is my new spin off from this blog….a Youtube channel! I’ve attempted to pick up the camera and my phone this week in an effort to vlog, there are some days I forgot to vlog (hey this is new, don’t judge me) so the vlog is almost the same as my week (all over the place lol). BUT, there’s a big but. As we enter a new week, I’ll try to do better at vlogging and see if we can make this a weekly thing. I’ll still be posting on here as well, I’ve just now added Youtube to the mix. Hope you guys like it. Check out my very first vlog, like, comment and subscribe. Thank you all for rocking with me every week. Lots of love to you all.