Just in time for Mother’s Day

Hey loves,

Am I the only one out of gift Ideas for Mother’s Day? No? Well at least I have company. My mom is a perfume fanatic, and I mean she literally collects perfumes and she never thinks she has enough, it’s insane. That would be an easy gift to get her but it’s a little predictable. My grandmother is also a perfume lover (now I know where I got my obsession with perfume) so she’s pretty much easy to shop for as well. Over the years I’ve been able to come up with cute gift Ideas but when I tell you guys I’ve literally blank this year, I really am.
If you’re like me and you’re out of ideas, then we can get a little creative here. Mom’s are superheros, no one can disagree with that. They try to handle 1000 things at a time all while caring for their children. Here are some ideas I came up with on how you can treat your mom this Mother’s day.
1. Cook for her- If mom is always around the stove, take that task away from her and cook a lovely meal. Appetizers, main course and dessert. Set the dinner table really nicely, a bottle of wine/ champagne will also be a nice touch ( Sparkling Cider if you don’t drink alcohol). My favorite wine is Bartenura Sweet Red Brachetto or the Bartenura moscato.
2. Spa Day- Treat mom to a Spa Day maybe to get a nice facial, a massage, mani &pedi. Either treatment works. A Bouquet of flowers will add a nice touch to “spa day” as well.
3. Mini get away- If it is in your budget, you may treat your mom to a night or even the weekend away at a hotel. Doesn’t have to be out of state or out of your city. A night in a different environment is very relaxing once in a while.
4. Surprise her at work- Not all mom’s are able to take the day off from work on Mother’s day ( life of a mother). You can surprise her with a beautiful fruit basket from Edible Arrangements at work, she’ll definitely appreciate it.
When all else fails, a personalized gift from personal creations is always a great idea. I’ve used this website for birthday’s, Christmas and Mother’s Day and I’ve never been disappointed.
6. Jewelry- If your mom wears Jewelry, then you may consider a pair of earrings, necklace or even a cute bracelet. Kay’s Jewelers always has very nice selections.

7. Cute tote bags-  Check out this really cute Kate Spade Penn Handbag . I really love this bag in grey. I’m tempted to get one for myself as well.
Those are all the ideas I’ve come up with you guys. I’ll be using one or more of these this Mother’s Day. What are your plans?
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