Hey loves,

So Spring has officially sprung in New York, we’ve had some pretty warm days,with a dip in temperatures here and there. I have a love hate relationship with spring. The weather is incredible but my allergies have me at the end of my rope. Between watery, itchy eyes (bye bye eye make up) and stuffy nose I am ready to loose it. Oh and did I mention insects happen to love me during the spring and summer months ugh, insect repellent for days! A friend of mine recommended some allergy meds I find to be doing a good job of keeping things under control, so if you have seasonal allergies you can try Nasal Crom Nasal Spray and Xyzal Allergy Tablet.

On the brighter side I get to do more out door work outs, particularly cardio, something just refreshing about a nice jog in the park. Getting dressed also takes a lot less time, no more bundling up yay!

In the spirit of spring I gave into temptation and had a shake from Mickey D’s, I haven’t had one in a while. Strawberry is my favorite flavor. I’m back to my water and all that healthy stuff now though.

What would I do without my favorite cheat day breakfast: Cinnamon waffles, with bacon, eggs and cheese, topped with pure maple syrup. SO good!

This was never intended to become a thing, but it’s become a thing so I’m just gonna acknowledge it. My 3 favorite F’s Fish sticks and Fries Friday’s. John and I are generally home on a Friday, so we’ve kinda made that our “chill day” we get a few household stuff done such as grocery shopping, laundry all that fun stuff and then we have our favorite fish sticks and seasoned fries with tartar sauce on the side; our alcoholic beverage of choice of course and a movie.I use Old Bay seasoning to season the fries. Old Bay is like a love potion in my kitchen, I love cooking with this stuff.

OMG you guys this is literally my favorite thing of the week. I usually shower using dove’s body wash. However, I decided to try something new ( shocker). This Softsoap Moisturizing Body Wash Coconut Island Quench smells like HEAVEN. It’s no secret i’m obsessed with things that smell great. and who wouldn’t be? but seriously I like to smell good and after using this body wash I didn’t even want to wear perfume. I picked this up in Walmart and I’m going back for more! If you haven’t tried this, you seriously should or just find it in store and smell it, I promise you’ll end up buying it.

I’m always happy to go to church on Saturday’s. I find it a great way to let go of all the happenings of the past week and set the tone of the upcoming week.

I went back to my old neighborhood in Brooklyn, its always great to visit. Brooklyn was home to me for 10 years so I’ll always love and miss it there. I only went there to pick up some clothing from the cleaners, I had alterations done but of course I somehow got roped into shopping (as always). I’ve been looking for the perfect floor vase to complete my entry way and the one’s I’ve been seeing were either too small or too expensive. I went to a local department store (K&J depot) and I found this floor vase for only $20! I took this baby up and ran! The flowers are sold separately for $1 each (I picked up $10) of those. $30 is far better than the $70-100 I’ve been seeing online.

So I’ve found the ultimate Fashion Nova hack. It works if you’re my height (6ft) or shorter. So in a recent post I shared my disappointment with you all when I bought some jeans from Fashion Nova and they were too short. So like Aliyah says, “if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again” I was ranting to my cousin about how comfy their jeans were and that I was upset they were so short. She gave me the idea to wearing them as a capri. Pretty good idea. So I went back on the website to purchase these 2 pants, the black one I really liked the detailing on the side and the blue one I just bought because I’ve been wanting a pants in that shade of blue for a while. When they arrived and I tried them on, I was in shock! They fit me so perfectly, they were’nt too short. I was doing cart wheels and all, seriously I was excited. The trick is the material on these pants are a lot thinner and stretches a lot more than their jeans, so they fit me better. This is something to keep in mind if you’re my height and are considering buying their clothing. Even though the material has some stretch I still bought the pants in my size, I didn’t go a size down or anything.

That’s it from my week loves, stay blessed be safe and have a great week!