L’Oreal Clay mask: Detox and Brighten

  L’Oreal has officially done it you guys. They have won me over with all three masks. I’m liking their skin care products so far, I’ve tried their masks and I’ve used L’Oreal dark spot corrector before and I love ’em all. This mask has a smooth somewhat thick consistency and takes a while to apply but it’s worth it. I thought the Mattifying mask made my went to work on my skin right away, but it is nothing compared to this one. This baby went to WORK immediately. It will feel weird on your skin at first but I promise the results are so worth it.

I recommend using a scrub when you’re washing it off. I used the SheaMoisture african black soap bar and had to wash a few times before the mask came off. I think a scrub would do the job a lot faster. My scrub of choice is the St. Ives Apricot Scrub Blemish Control. After I was able to finally wash the mask off and I felt my skin, I had to feel my face a few times. I was like “is this my skin, or is the mask still on?” My skin was SO smooth. I can’t even explain it. I’m happy I have all three masks because they’re all amazing. L’Oreal did their thing, if you haven’t tried any of these masks, I highly recommend them.