Week in Review

The week has finally ended, yay! I had a much better week than I did last week and that’s because I actually got some stuff done like my brows waxed, hair washed, laundry, I made it to the pharmacy and sadly found out that one of the pharmacy technicians died (Rest in Peace Elena). She was so sweet I was shocked  and to hear she died, I literally just saw her a few days before she died. A few things have been cleared from my desk and then there’s grocery shopping! Fruits are finally replenished, this may look like a lot but we go through these pretty quickly, they’re the perfect snacks.

John was craving a slice of New York style pizza, somehow this turned into a little pizza date. If you’re ever in New York you must  try NY pizza, so good. Of course if you’re a New Yorker you already know that this pizza is heaven. I can only eat 2 slices of pizza or if i’m really hungry 3, I get full pretty quickly. We also ended up at the dollar tree and spent more than we planned to, there were so many cute things there for organizing, don’t knock the dollar tree ya’ll, that dollar reels you in pretty quickly though and you can get carried away, or maybe that’s just me?
That pretty much sums up my week, I hope you all had a great one, even if you didn’t there’s a new week ahead with new opportunities. Stay safe and be blessed.