Adulting fun?- Week in review

Hello beautiful people,

I hope you all are well, enjoying your weekend and all that jazz. So my life has been insane lately, I guess that’s apart of adulting right? This week in particular has been overwhelming but good if that makes sense. Lets get to the good stuff first.  So if moving wasn’t crazy and stressful enough, We’ve had to have our couch delivered 3 times! Well they attempted three times. On the first attempt the wrong couch was delievered. We ordered a loveseat sectional and got a sofa sectional instead which was way too big to get through the door. On the second attempt the correct couch came, only this couch was 2 inches too long so it still didn’t make it through the door. At this point we just decided to reselect and got a love seat and a reclining game chair and to ensure it made it through the door this time we requested a knock down service where they’d take the couch apart and put it together in the living room. Now we finally have a couch! so happy! I guess all that third time’s a charm thing actually had some truth to it , who knew.
Anyway, now that the house is completely furnished we’re adding some finishing touches to the house and I, yes, only Amanda is still unpacking. Why you ask? because not only do I have a ton of shoes, I have way too much clothes ( thank God I have 2 closets!) and way too many hair products. I eventually fit my clothes into a closet and a half because I donated half of the clothes I didn’t even remember I had or that just don’t fit, so I’m making progress here. I still have to go through my hair products, that’s still a puzzle I have yet to solve but I’ll find somewhere to put them all eventually, I hope?
To add to my madness, I have a ton of stuff on my desk that needs to be taken care of, and of course blogging and editing to do, but guess what? I have a very long work week and I’m super exhausted, Starbucks has seen me alot this week. That chai tea latte with soy milk is all of life in a cup. I’m really trying to multitask you guys. There’s grocery shopping to be done as well, I need to go to the cleaners and the pharmacy. I have a grocery list made though so I’m getting there. So many responsibilities when you become an adult. Remember when you were young and you wanted so badly to grow up? yeah, let’s all laugh!
Keep up with me on social media : Instagram/ Facebook @reallifewithamanda. Until next time loves, stay safe, be blessed.