So major news! In my previous ” mini life update” I mentioned that I’ve completed my final semester at Monroe College. My graduation is coming up in June and I’m so excited! Cap and gown orders, ring orders, shopping for graduation outfit, all of it, I’m ready. My college journey has been one of the longest, exciting, draining aspects of my life, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. SOOO many lessons learned and so many accomplishments, I refuse to be anything but grateful for all of it.
On to the next story, I’ve reached a major milestone in my personal relationship ( which I don’t talk a lot about, I know) but, moving in with my love is finally happening! No more back and forth between each others house it was so draining. After 4 months of apartment hunting, we found a house we really love and I can’t wait to share some photos of our home with you guys. I live for home decor, and now that I have my own play ground, it’s on! Hopefully I remember to take it easy on my bank account! lol. I’m a bit of a perfectionist so it may take me a while, I’ll try not to take too long though. I’m so tired from the apartment hunting and moving in phase,so unpacking and getting everything together is a bit of a drag right now. My sister and cousin have been amazing with their help. So that’s what I’ve been up to. My laptop also decided it no longer wanted to work ( rolls eyes) so our 3 year relationship has ended and I now have a new one (yay). Stay updated on my latest posts by entering your email to subscribe.




Mini Life Update