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In my previous post I shared  with you all some jeans I bought from Fashion Nova that I had to return because they were too short. I wanted to try their jeans because a lot of people raved about how comfortable they are, which is true. However, I’m tall so my pants need to be at least 32-34 inseam, no one wants to walk around with short pants looking like they’re getting ready to cross a river, not cute. These are my all time favorite stores to shop for jeans or dress pants.
1. Old navy- Old navy is bae with their prices. If you want to save your coins and get comfortable LONG jeans, Old navy has you covered. They always have a sale! If I want to get myself in trouble, I just have to go on their website.
2. JcPenny- I’ve never bought jeans from JCpenny, but I buy almost all of the pants I wear to work here. They always have a good sale and a variety of styles, so I always count on them for that.
3. New York and company- NY& company was the only place I shopped for my jeans before I decided to try other stores, I don’t buy their jeans as often as I used to, they tend to be on the expensive side as well but if you catch a sale you’ll be okay. I now reserve NY & company for dress pants as well as jump suits.
4. My final pick is alloyapparel.com, their clothing is a bit expensive, I mostly shop when they have a sale but they never fail with length, quality and bonus, they carry up to 37 inseam!  If you’re tall you’ll have absolutely NO issues with length here. If you see a pair of pants you like and they have your size, get it! There are so many times I see things I like, then I’d come back to buy them later and its either they’re out of stock in my size or length and of course I want to cry when that happens.
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