The waist trainer era has now ended, or maybe not. I’ve tried one of those things and lets just say, epic fail!  I wanted something that would make my midsection sweat while providing support to my lower back during my work outs.

I must have searched google a thousand times before I came across this Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer which is designed to increase the temperature of your midsection and enhance your work out. I was very skeptical (as I always am) because I have very sensitive skin and I would be really upset if this thing irritated my skin. I read the reviews on amazon and I decided to take a chance on this band, 71% of their customers gave this 5 stars so that definitely peaked my interest. When I received the band, it came with an enhancer gel that’s supposed to make you sweat even more. I didn’t use the gel and still haven’t within the year and a half I’ve had this band, I don’t think that’s a risk I want to take with my skin. (Maybe one day when I feel like taking a risk I’ll try the gel, MAYBE).

The band is lined with rubber on the inside so it stays firmly in place, you’re also able to adjust it to your liking. They do come in various sizes up to 2x designed to fit waists up to 60 inches.  After using this for the first time in my 1 hour jog, I was impressed, soaked in sweat and embarrassed. Impressed because the band did exactly what it was supposed to do, soaked in so much sweat which ran down the front of my leggings and had me looking like I peed my pants (so embarrassing). More like embarrassed with a side of satisfaction as I would have quickly returned this to Amazon if it was ineffective. You’ll want to wipe the inside with a damp cloth and soap to keep it clean and smelling good. For $25, I’m really happy with this band. Since I’ve purchased this, I’ve never worked out without it.