If you have oily skin like I do then a mask should definitely be apart of your skin care routine. Masks are great to have for other skin types as well, but for oily skin, masks are essential. I have a few other clay masks which work great, but I thought I’d give L’oreal’s clay mask a shot. There are 3 different masks; the “Exfoliate and refine”, ” Detox and bighten” and the last one which is the one I decided to try the “Purify and mattifying” mask.

The jar may seem quite small, but a little goes  a long way for $12.99.  If you’ve used other masks before, you’ll notice most they stay on the surface of the skin for the most part during the 10-15 minutes you’re wearing them. However, this mask is dissolved into the skin within the first 5 minutes and you can actually feel the difference.  The mask is designed to unclog pores and reduce excess shine, leaving you with softer skin and it did just that. And bonus, it smells incredible.

I’ve been using this mask since July of 2016 which is close to the time they were released, so I’ve used it long enough to be able to say whether or not it works and I can confidently day it does. I like that each of their masks are customized based on the skin issues you may have. I’ll be trying the Exfoliate and refine mask next as the key to removing acne scars is EXFOLIATING (2-3 times per week is enough). I’ll definitely do another review to let you all know how that one works as well.