Hey loves! I’d first like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year, this is my first post for the year and I’m excited to share with you my favorite make up products from the drug store. I’m by no means a make up artist, neither do I have the largest make up collection, well maybe a little but hey there are people out there with way more make up than I ever dream of having. I have tried several drug store products over the years and there are a few products that I find myself constantly using. This post will probably be longer than usual, so get comfy, make yourself a cup of tea, grab a snack and keep reading.

 Primers- I’ like elf’s eye primer a lot more than I do their face primer. Their eye primer gives me a nice smooth base for my eyeshadows and keeps it in place. My face is extremely oily, therefore I need a primer that provides a smooth matte canvas for me to work with and this LA girl primer does just that. Nyx Shinekiller is another face primer that I love as well, but I ran out of that one so I’m currently using the LA girl primer.

BB cream- I’ve tried other BB creams that I wasn’t too fond of. They left my skin super oily, and no matter how hard I tried, I simply couldn’t find my perfect shade, one was either too dark or too light which was disappointing.  I discovered this Iman BB cream and have been in love ever since! I’m in the shade clay medium deep and this evens out my skin tone flawlessly. Another great thing about this BB cream is that it has SPF 15 which helps to protect your skin. The Iman app is a great tool which helps you to find your perfect shade in their make up products. You simply take a photo of yourself (use natural light for best results) and the app will generate your shade of face, lips and eye products. This is my beauty advisor on the app and you’ll notice it shows me my foundation match, powder and BB cream. If you’re a beginner or you have trouble finding your shade of make up, make this app your new best friend.

Foundation- I’m going to try not to go on a rant with this because I have tried countless foundations, I really have. Let’s not talk about money I wasted throwing out every single one I hated, but Maybelline did it with this one. I’ve mentioned in my dry skin saviors post that my skin is mainly dry with the exception of my face. My face is a combination of a dry T-zone and super oily cheeks so a matte foundation is essential especially during the summer months. Cover girl, Black Radiance, No7 among other brands either didn’t have my shade, the product left my skin too oily or they simply wore off easily. I swear by Maybelline’s fit me foundation! It gives you amazing coverage, matte finish, you can wear comfortably for up to 8 hours and bonus! I don’t have to mix two shades to match my skin tone. My sister can tell you all how hard it is to find a foundation match for my skin tone but this Maybelline 360 Mocha is my baby.

Eyeliner- Let’s just take a moment to thank e.l.f for this pen, because with this pen, I got my first perfect straight line on the first try! If you’re a beginner or you’ve been having issues with eyeliner, please go buy this pen. The tip is not too long so it gives you great control and a beautiful line.

Lipstick- Lipsticks were my first make up obsession, that and mascara. I have way more lipsticks than I care to even mention but NYX and Milani are my babies. I have full lips so wearing a matte lipstick is necessary, my lips are big enough I don’t need to emphasize that with a gloss. These lipsticks are super pigmented they last long enough for drugstore products and they carry a wide  variety of shades. I find that Milani mattes are a little drying so be sure to properly moisturize your lips prior to application. NYX mattes are a little more hydrating but I still moisturize my lips before I apply the lipstick but that’s just my preference.

Mascara- Maybelline is hands down my favorite brand for mascaras. I have tried other Maybelline mascaras but I somehow always end up coming back to their great lash mascara. This gives the perfect combination of volume and length. They recently introduced the falsies push up which I had to try, because hello this is Maybelline and I know they deliver on mascaras. The first thing that got me was the brush. Mother of brushes! Now let me say this, I’ve always applied mascara to my top lashes but those bottom lashes no mam. I either end up poking myself in the eye or something and I wasn’t having it. I think they thought about me when they made the brush for the falsies push up mascara because your girl can now comfortably apply mascara to her bottom lashes and get the lashes on the inner corner of the eye without a fight. Now when I do my make up I use the falsies push up first for length and then I go in with the great lash mascara for a little volume and some more length. I don’t wear false lashes so that technique gives me enough on the eyes.

Powder- This Black Radiance pressed powder is my bff. I use their loose powder which works just as well but I gravitate towards this pressed powder because it is small and compact enough carry around for touch up purposes. Both the loose and pressed powders give a very nice matte finish which is always a plus for me.

Eye shadow- If I could merge both of these pallets then I would have my perfect eye shadow palette. I think it’s evident I use the e.l.f pallet a little more than Milani. You’ll need to build up these shadows as they aren’t as pigment as high end shadows. You definitely want to apply the shadows before you put on foundation as there’s gonna be fall out from the shadows. E.l.f seems to have more fall out than Milani, but hey its the drugstore, that’s expected.

Concealer- when it comes to drugstore concealers I always hear people mention LA girl or Maybelline and after using these babies, I understand why. Perfection is the best way to describe both brands. LA girl has a wider variety of shades than Maybelline does, so if you’re unable to find your match with Maybelline LA girl’s got you covered. The coverage of both concealers is beyond amazing.

Brow gel- I don’t do too much to my brows, but I do need them to stay in place. I’ve been constantly purchasing this brow gel from Revlon over and over again, I have absolutely no complaints.

Lip liner- LA girl lip liner in the shade nutmeg is a staple for me. I usually line my lips with this then apply my lipstick when I’m wearing certain shades that are a little too light for me, it blends well with the lipstick to give me a shade that compliments my skin tone. I also use the lip liner on its own as a lipstick if i’m going for a nude lip.


That was long wasn’t it? I think that’s all my faves. What are your favorite drugstore make up products? I’d love to know, shoot me an email or comment. For notifications on when I upload a new post, be sure to subscribe on the right or at the bottom of the page if you’re using a mobile device.