Hi Friends!

It’s been almost a week since Thanksgiving and I’m sure we are all looking forward to the next holiday, Christmas! I had so much fun on Thanksgiving Day and definitely ate more than I normally would and did way too much shopping on black Friday as well. Now it’s time to burn the extra calories I consumed over the weekend. Something I’ve been loving in addition to my work outs, is fit tea. My initial inspiration to buy this product, was when I saw Kylie Jenner promoting it on her Instagram page. I’ve also read the reviews on their website and on amazon. When I checked the Amazon reviews, there were some people who said it worked and others said it didn’t make them lose weight. Some of the positive reviews were given in exchange for a reduced price on the product according to the disclaimer on some of these Amazon reviews. I decided to try the 14-day detox for myself because I wanted to see what this stuff was all about. So as someone who was NOT paid to review this product, I’m here to give you “the real tea” on what this tea is all about.

One misconception that I see most people have is that this is a magical weight loss tea and that is simply not true, at least for me. Everyone’s body is different; therefore, your body will respond to the tea differently. This is what happened for me.

  1. Fit tea reduced a lot of my bloating, I was quite surprised as to how bloated I was. Now this may be a bit TMI, but drinking this tea has had me going to the bathroom a little more often than normal. I guess that applies to the cleansing of my digestive system as the packaging says.
  2. I feel energized after drinking this tea- I’ve noticed that this tea gives me a kick of energy after drinking it. Not only that, it tastes and smells great as well.
  3. The final benefit I get from this tea is that it curbs my eating. I enjoy this benefit especially when I work late nights as I try not to eat too late. Instead I’ll drink the tea which usually has me feeling full for about 3 hours.

Expecting to lose weight only from drinking this tea is a bit of a stretch. However, paired with a clean diet and exercise, the tea does provide benefits that will help you achieve your goals. What detox methods, if any do you guys use?