Buying gifts can be a little tough if you have no Idea what to get someone. I’ve had a tough time making my Christmas list this year because I’m pretty much out of gift ideas. However, there are some stores that gave me great gift ideas this year. Here are my top stores/ websites to shop for gifts.

  1. Sephora- If you have a few make up addicts in your family, Sephora has some amazing deals this black Friday. You can preview their sale on the Sephora app. I already have my eyes on a few things I want to get my sister. I wasn’t too sure what to get her, but something make up related is always a safe bet.
  2. Target- Target is just my store, I’m in target at least 3 times for the week, I even know a few employees there, its embarrassing lol! But seriously, Target always has great gift sets and you can get gifts for children there too.
  3. Burlington- Tell me about Burlington a few years ago, and I would have given you the side eye. Simply because the Burlington store near me is just way too huge, always messy and overwhelming for me. However, a new store opened closer to my boyfriend’s house so I decided to give that location a try and I was in love! Their prices are great and they have a wide selection of gift ideas to choose from.
  4. Century 21- I recently went crazy shopping at Century 21, I walked in and saw a few gift sets. They had a few Michael Kors and Tommy Hilfiger pajama gift sets at $26-28 and I was shocked. Of course, I kept walking through the store and I found even more great gifts. I picked up a few great items for myself and a few gifts for other people.
  5. JcPenny & Macys- JcP and Macy’s always deliver when it comes to their Black Friday sales. No matter what age group you’re buying gifts for, these stores will have great gifts at amazing prices.
  6. This is a website I discovered a few years ago, and I always use this when I get stuck and really have no clue what to buy someone. Shopping for my grandmother is always difficult. I never really know what to get her because she already has everything. I use personal creations to get her really cute personalized gifts which she always loves.
  7. Amazon is the life saver, you can find almost anything here, even things that may be out of stock at some of your favorite stores. Everything from gift sets to electronics can be found here. Somewhere on my Facebook page I posted a link to receive $5 off your first purchase for downloading and shopping through the Amazon app. I’ll share the post again so it’s closer to the top of the page. You can also check out my previous post on other ways to save this holiday season . Happy shopping!