My problems with acne began as a teenager as with most people. Of course, as a young girl that made me very insecure about the way I looked. I tried everything from face washes to vanishing creams in order to remove the acne scars which never worked. I initially had my acne clear up with proactiv and I was really excited. Problem is I stopped using the product and my skin broke out worse than it ever had. I can’t tell you how sad I was. Of course, I went back to using proactiv, because if it worked once it should work again right? Well I was wrong. I gave up on proactive at this point and decided to use make up to cover the blemishes. I did that for about six months until I decided I didn’t want to cover up anymore. I needed to find a solution to this problem and to do that I had to let my skin breathe. So, I went bare faced, acne scars, pimples and all this was so embarrassing. I was addicted to sodas or pop as some may call it. I enjoyed having grape sodas the most. I never liked water that much and in order for me to break the soda addiction and start having more water, I started having seltzer water. It was water but still gave me the acidity of sodas. That was a happy medium. I did that for approximately 3 months until I fully started having pure water, 1 liter daily. I then started researching natural acne cleansers for a few weeks until I came across the love of my life, exposed skin care. Exposed saved my face! This cleanser is gentle, natural and it works! My skin is blemish free even when Aunt Flo comes around. Like proactiv this is a skin care kit. There’s a trial size that goes for $29.99 + 4.95 shipping and handling. The kit has 4 products, a cleanser, toner, clear pore serum and acne serum (moisturizer). You can cancel your membership as soon as your order ships, then order more product only when you need it. My skin has improved tremendously since I started using this product. I still have a bit of hyperpigmentation on my cheeks which I am working on.  Here I’ll share with you my current skin care routine, my skin care and beauty favorites.